Our Roots:

Vegaron is the macaron for everyone.  We take pride in each unique recipe; mixing well-sourced ingredients, that can cater to various lifestyles, without compromising texture or flavor. Vegaron was started by a vegan and is co-owned by a non-vegan, so the macaron needed to make both pallets happy. Our macarons are delicious – the best part is telling people they are vegan and gluten-free.

Cruelty-free does not end with our macarons. Part of Vegaron’s profits are donated to Mercy for Animals, we support cruelty-free products, and love interacting with like-minded organizations.  

Our macarons make marvelous gifts and add a delightfully scrumptious touch to any luxurious event or special occasion.  

If you think this picture looks good, imagine how your first bite will taste!